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The idea is this; tell a story for every day of the year, so by the end of 1 year, there should be 365 short illustrated tales. Toxi, Rugg, Spring Daisy, Gunny 16, Venus Flytrap, Equinox, the whole gang is here. I don’t promise any literary masterpiece from me, but I do guarantee daily entertainment through fantastic storytelling, pointless violence, and distorted humor. The whole family is sure to enjoy this. I'll be posting more stories soon. Iv'e been under allot of contract work lately and I need to get more space to store these stories. Look out for new stories this October

Warning: Extreme Violence

(every now and then)



Art GalleryArt Gallery


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    Just added some new updates to the Gallery. I even threw in some "Starwars Stuff (George Lucas hasn't hired me yet, so I'll draw it anyway!). I also added in a concept art section, so you can see how these ideas begin, so Check it out. Even get a poster if you want


Grievius tummy




Film & AnimationFilm & Animation

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    Here's what it's all about. Since we have a ton of things going on at once, I'll tell you that our current animation project right now is "The Warlock". An alternate take on the "Wizard of Oz" Story. As far as "live action" goes, I would have to say the main projects are "Dirty Feather" & "Lost house"(Written and directed by Omari Matlock). Click the Image to see video clips and movies that we're bringing out soon. Some of these movies will be a collabo' with my boys from "Rebirth Films". So be ready for some craziness.





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  Oct 3

We have some awesome new talent ready to take the stage this month for the plastic life phoo shoot! I'm verry exited and their pictures will be posted sometime this week




Thanks to everyone who has donated or helped out in any way so far. We still have a long way to go as far as costumes and video camera equipment goes. Every single dollar helps, so feel free to donate whatever you like. Once we reach our goal, Everyone will be notified.


All donators of $15 and over will receive an exclusive 8.5x11 Dorothy painting print signed by Stephen Knox. (U.S residents only)

And since we cannot produce these live action films without you’re help, I think it’s only right that we list all donator's names in the “Dirty Feather” and "Oz" film credits. Thanks in advance!


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  Film coming later this year. Read more about it in our

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Updates: for July 1 2011 posted by Stephen Knox

The Philly Wizard's Comic con went great! We met allot of great people and received a ton of love for the 7 Mages universe! Actually Tummy Ohm seemed to steal the show, since her posters sold out faster than any of us expected. That mischievous lil Ohm is gonna be famous some day.







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