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Okay..So we're half way through casting the main characters for "Dirty Feather". We still have many roles to fill, but we have some of the best “inde” talent I’ve seen in a while. We still have to cast the role for Toxi, which might be kidna tough, since the film revolves around her struggle; therefore we have to be really critical about choosing our next superstar. I'll post more photos when we do the photo shoot this spring.



Toxi by stephen knox


Our favorite fallen angel “Toxi-LaMune” Miss "Dirty Feather" her self..was stripped from her wings and can’t redeem herself until she kills every demon on the planet. (And yes the planet is freakin huge).

Not only does our candidate have to be a great actress, but she has to be able to pull of the “no eyebrow” look. And regardless of beauty, that calls for a unique individual.

When I created this Character back in highschool, I had Tyra Banks in mind. Ofcourse that was ages ago when she was a Vicky's Angel. She's too much of a diva now' to play that innocent type of roll. (I bet she could still pull it off though:)

Film: Dirty Feather

question mark 7mages


Big Bad 9 foot tall sorcerers apprentice "Ruggilius". Believe it or not, I had no intentions on making this guy look like "The Rock"(at first), but ever since my friend Mark showed me this picture, the resemblance is too uncanny.

As of lately there’s a good chance that I may get him to play the role (seriously). It's all about funding, but for now, if you’re a big guy, and you think that you can pull of wearing a ponytail, while still apearing to be able to hold your own in a bar fight, then by all means audition. All I really care about is the perfect person for the role, no matter who it may be.

Film: Dirty feather

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ?

the rock 7mages

Helena 7mages


Ecomancer / Royal Dancer; Helena is one of the most difficult characters to cast, because she has to be colorful, act well, and have a tight back ground in martial arts, She also has to have a great narrator’s voice. In order to take on this role, “You gotta have skills”(in my Napoleon Dynamite voice:)


Films: Dirty Feather & Plastic Life


question mark 7mages



The mysterious, dark, and unstable “Daughter of Ares” Princess Ramelia can be sometimes called the hater of all men. After a horrible accident leaves her beautiful face disfigured, she bandages up, vowing never to let another person see her face again. Noted for her magnificent ram horns, and eyes so dark that light can not escape them, She’s probably the meanest “good guy” you’ll ever see. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get corrupted any further.

This part will be played by Mariyam Mays. The crazy thing about this one is that I drew a picture of Mariyam as this character years ago and I just remembered today after I gave her the role. What's cool is that she has the exact voice that I always pictured Ramelia having. She even has a natural attitude just like Ramelia…Just kidding. Mariyam’s a sweetheart for real:)

Film: Dirty Feather

Mariyam Mys

panolon Panalon III

Ever heard of the little fawn in the woods who plays the enchanted flute? That’s Panolon the 3rd played by Joseph, our youngest cast member. We were going to interview him for the site, but he was way too busy macking the ladies. Maybe he’ll fit us into his schedule later.


Film: Dirty Feather





We need another big guy for the "god of the Underworld" Hades. This is where our make-up and special FX department will really get to show off. I think that with a few more bench presses and Red Bulls, I could play that part. (Yeah Right)

Film: Dirty Feather

question mark
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