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    I'm still working on this section, but I thought I'd just share a few pics early. I'll post a few speed videos here, so that you can see the tedious digital art process from start to finish. This week I'll post one of my first vids entitled "Don't Get Carried Away"(man this pic took a looong time to draw)

If you want to see any of our characters drawn at high speed, just lemme know. I'll be happy to produce the video for 1million dollars.... No but seriously, just email me and I'll be happy to make the vid just for fun, when I get the time. When you see me, just give me $3.50 for a cheese steak, and we'll call it even. (yeah, that's my favorite food!)

Stephen Knox


 Final ResultSteve knox cover pic



Okay, so I claim to be this great film director, but I'm still producing "Avatar the last Airbender" fan art. I can't help it. Here was my first attempt after watching the show.

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